EVO Solid Block Blade Bender (SB^3) At just over 5 pounds this new innovative bender is extremely powerful sturdy and compact. The new EVO bender body is formed from solid high strength tempered aircraft grade aluminum alloy. Nothing is skimpy about it. To ease traveling the weight was carefully reduced by removing material without significantly impacting its structural integrity. The solid cam shaft is machined from oversized hardened steel billet and runs on low friction bearings that can handle tons of force. After using one for a few minutes, I had to overcome the over whelming feeling of wanting to discard all of my old hand benders. Revolutionary, it is by far the most efficient hand operated blade bender to date. It features an adjustable contact wheel, allowing height setting of handle. This not only adjusts handle height but also the mechanical advantage via the cam’s arc position. Available are easily swapable optional contact wheels to match blade diameters or for use on different blade contact areas. Contoured blade stops adjust easily on smooth hard coated adjustment shaft with clearly marked location scale engraved into the body. To top it off, it is fitted with an over sized exceptionally strong solid carbon fiber lever shaft that imparts unmatched operator feedback. WOW! © 2015

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